CASTAWAY WEDDING – bride chooses Harris Tweed

Some may remember the BBC1 programme, Castaway, where a group of people lived in ‘pods’ on Taransay island off the island of Harris during 2000.

In the summer of 2004 camera woman from the programme Tanya Cheadle and Paul Overton, assistant director, returned to the Outer Hebrides to be married on Taransay.

I took these photos on the beach at Horgabost after their wedding on Taransay. Tanya wore a Harris Tweed throw over her white wedding dress.

Tanya Cheadle and Paul OvertonTanya Cheadle and Paul Overton on Horgabost Beach after wedding on Taransay

Tanya Cheadle and Paul Overton

Picture of Ben Fogle, who joined the couple on the island for their Humanist wedding celebrations¬†, next…



Ben Fogle


Ben Fogle


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